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Pregnancy Pillow

Maternity and child care pose many challenges. As you get bigger during the last months of pregnancy, the less comfortable you become. U LOVE PILLOW’s pregnany pillow is designed to alliviate some of that discomfort by providing back, neck, belly and leg support while you sleep or sit allowing you to rest and care more fully.

Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding is completely natural and known for it’s many health benefits, but can be somewhat uncomfortable or hard on your arms, neck and back areas. With the right nursing pillow you can keep enjoying breastfeeding comfortably where ever you are. Be it breast or bottle-feeding, U LOVE PILLOW provides you with back supprt whilst freeing your hands thus allowing you to tire less and prevent neck and back aches. U LOVE PILLOW is very versatile and can be used front and backwards, taking any weight off of your hands and back, promising a comfortable and wonderful time with your baby.


Perfect for one adult or two children. U LOVE POUF is right for any age, home and room. Very comfortable for lying down, sitting or nursing: together with the supportive Nursing pillow it becomes ideal for breast and bottle feeding. Always giving you the best of comfort, function and style.

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